Thread: "I like, I don't like"

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    "I like, I don't like"

    Video of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu (Dzogchen teacher) lasting about five & a half minutes.

    Comments welcome.

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    Thanks for posting the video Aloka.

    It seems to me like the teacher is talking about suspending the mind of judgement. I find that while my sense of self is disliking or liking, the awareness that lays underneath isn't judging, its just aware. Of course resting in that awareness is not always an easy thing. I can do it in meditation sometimes but bringing it into everyday life is a hard task. Still that's the point of practice, we've been so conditioned by our experiences in this life (and in previous lives if like me your into the whole re-birth thing) we judge things as bad or good when really they are just the flow of the universe.

    The funny thing is despite the mahayana/theravada/vajrayana split I find teachers from all traditions pointing toward the same fundamental view.

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    When I tried to look at the video again, a notice came up "Embedding disabled by request. Watch on YouTube" So here's the link at YouTube:

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