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    Alec from Jacksonville, FL

    Hello Everyone =-D My name is Alec Castro. I'm pretty new to buddhism. It doesn't feel so much like a religion as it does as a way of waking up. I love talking and hearing about this wonderful phenomenon. This relationship, the kind of relationship that creates experience. How you can't have light, without eyes to see the light. Basically, a philosopher/psychologist/linguist by the name of Alan Watts has inspired me. Here's one of the first videos that I watched:

    Anyways, I've recently decided to under go a pilgrimage to NY. There is a shaolin temple in NY that I'd very much like to see. And there's is at least one monastery I've found on the way that I'd like to stop by. So I searched for and joined these forums to hear like minded people and see what they'd have to say. To see what you'd have to say.

    I'm also curious about the customs of how to ask to be ordained as a monk. From my understanding, the Master insists he has nothing to teach and will try his utmost to dissuade you.

    Well, anyways I'm full of excitement

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    Hi Alec

    Welcome to BWB !

    With kind wishes,


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    Hi Alec0124,

    Welcome to Buddhism Without Boundaries!


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