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    We have recently removed our connection to Tapatalk. For those who don't know, Tapatalk is an app for mobile phones for accessing forums.

    There were six to eight members who used to access Buddhism Without Boundaries through Tapatalk, and to you guys, sorry for any inconvenience. The Tapatalk interface was causing errors in our forum administration and the people at Tapatalk didn't seem to have time to put it right.

    Buddhism Without Boundaries is still here on the Internet, and can be reached on any internet-enabled smart phone.

    If you do use a mobile to access Buddhism Without Boundaries, and if you do find navigation of the site a bit difficult, then we can offer an alternative layout for mobile phone use. It's not currently operational, but I can give it a go if enough people ask for it. Just add your comments to this thread, if you wish.

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    Hey, I was wondering if Tapatalk is still causing you problems? This post is 4 yrs old. I was trying to integrate the forums I subscribe to into their app and they mentioned you don't have the plugin. If it does still cause problems, or you can't/don't want to deal with it, then I'll have to use it for others, and chrome for you. But I thought I'd check real quick.



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    Hi Dave,

    I've not got back to Tapatalk since dropping them in August 2013, so I don't know for sure whether they resolved that issue with vBulletin, the software we use here at Buddhism Without Boundaries. They currently claim compatibility with vBulletin 5, but we use vBulletin 4.

    Originally, mobile compatibility was one of the factors making us interested in Tapatalk. However, since 2013 we have implemented an improved layout for smartphones.

    Tapatalk recently contacted me to say they have acquired Panjo, a community marketplace app, and three other forum software companies. They urge us, as we are a forum owner, to add their plugin so we can better 'monetise' our forum by displaying advertisements.

    I just have the feeling that Tapatalk's objectives are not the same as ours, and I'm going to ask you, Dave, to bear with us and to continue to use Chrome.

    No harm in asking about it, and if we change our mind you'll be the first to know.


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