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Thread: How was your week ?

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    Buckingham, Virginia
    Glad to hear it! Be safe...

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    London UK
    Hey Ron,

    It's such good news to hear that the surgery is over and, what's more, successful. You haven't lost your sense of humour, either. Be good to yourself and find the patience to wait for your full physical recovery.

    Slow walking meditation on your beloved grass and anapanasati with your easier breathing , perhaps?

    Thanks for sharing your hopes, concerns and the outcome with us. You've improved my day today.


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    Very happy to know that you made it through the surgery, Ron!

    Take care.

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    HI Ron,
    I am so pleased to hear that your surgery went well and it seems that your sense of humour is still intact :):)

    You remind me of someone I use to know that, when asked how he was doing, would always say.... "well, I am six feet up instead of six feet under, therefore its a good day:):)

    Enjoy your meditations.

    Warm regards


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    How are you feeling now, Ron? Still making progress I hope.

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    ....and how has everyone else been getting on lately?

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    Hi, Aloka et al.

    Doing well. Still under the thumb of the surgeon's restrictions, and my loving wife's self appointed power of enforcement. Have been acting like a child sneaking extra exercise into my daily allocation by sweeping the drive clean of acorns, picking up fallen twigs, leaves, branches, and limbs mostly from our oak trees. Also reseeding after my neighbor's son mows for me once a week. So far I have kept the dead weight load to less than ten pounds, which is clearly not pounds force, since (force= mass x acceleration). For some reason our medical community never studied physics in college or high school.

    Anyway, am catching up on my readings of the suttas and watching all the classes on Amazon Prime which are tutorials on Calculus and physics, which I will recommend to my surgeon. Also running daily performance tests of my newly installed irrigation system. So far everything is working as designed.

    Oh, and my dog has decided to dig a trench under our porch, which I cannot refill until my medical restrictions are lifted. It must be nice and cool for her under there. We have been experiencing a heat wave in the 90s (deg F) , which is high for us here in the Northern Climes of New Hampshire.

    Thanks to all for the encouragement. Four more weeks to go.


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    Thanks for the update, Ron. Glad to know you're doing well!

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    We just moved to a new apartment last week and have set up most of our stuff. We also had a small party for my 3 year old's birthday, dance classes for the girls started again yesterday and we start our second of homeschool tomorrow. Very busy but good. It feels great to start a new chapter in a nice apartment. My girls are happy and my husband and I am too!

    Om Mani Padme Hum

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    Lovely to hear from you Elana!

    I'm glad all is well and that you and your husband and children are settling into your new apartment in such a positive way.

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