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Thread: How was your week ?

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    This week I got four stitches in my head due to a hiking mishap, partially caused by lack of mindfulness. Definitely a good reminder about being more aware and taking one's time. It has also been rough in that the stresses of work, school, and home life in the midst of a pandemic and the restrictions imposed to help prevent its spread have been difficult for me to bear at times. But that has also helped me to reflect on the Dhamma, so it's not all bad I suppose.
    So sorry to hear about your head, Jason.

    The people I've talked to here in the UK ( mostly on the phone) have all been feeling stressed in one way or another because of the pandemic - and we're only just getting some restrictions lifted and more people going back to work after about 3 months of lockdown.

    Tough times all around the world at the moment - and reflecting about the Dhamma has helped me too.

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    In three months I have been to the chemist twice, for my wife's medication, and that's it really. We were going for walks but people are so thoughtless about distancing that we decided not to go out again for a while. I have an exercise bike to keep fit and we are lucky enough to have a garden and greenhouse, so I've been busy growing things. The only other time I go out is to give the car a run down the by-pass to charge the battery and to stop the tyres deforming by staying in the same position. This week has been particularly disappointing in terms of how people are behaving. My sister in law lives in Bournemouth which has been hard hit by crowds returning to the beaches in droves. No pubs open but they still get into drunken brawls. Little distancing and little common sense.

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    I'm sorry to hear of the hiking accident, Jason. Four stitches sounds quite bad.

    You seem to have taken it quite philosophically, and looked for the good in it. Get well soon!

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    Well, we spent over three hundred dollars on car repairs this week. Our car is ten years old and never had anything done to it except routine maintenance so I guess it’s about time.

    On the brighter side my old Sangha is using zoom to broadcast our sits with each other which is a very nice touch.

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    Finally I'm able to have my hair cut at the hairdressers this week!

    I also have an appointment for a regular blood test for my thyroid levels at my doctor's surgery - and was told to wear a mask and that when I get there I'll be met at the door where my temperature will be taken and my hands sprayed. It seems that this is the regular procedure now.

    How's everyone else getting on wherever you are?


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