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Thread: How was your week ?

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    How's everybody getting on these days ? Hoping everything is going smoothly for you all.

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    Well, not quite as smooth as I would like. Our landlord is selling his house that we rent. We have till the end of May to be out. As we are on fixed incomes it doesn’t leave us as much time as we would like. We have a couple of options if it comes to it, and we see more listings every day. We just have to find one that suits our income and qualifications. So that’s where we’re at. Thanks for asking

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    So sorry you're having housing difficulties, Mike. Thinking about you this morning, and hoping you're able to find something suitable.

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    Busy week, with rehearsals at the community theatre. The new show opens Friday, and the actors aren't ready! The director keeps asking me for changes to the sound and light effects. The weather tanked last night, with snow and ice, so we barely made it home from rehearsal. The car was fishtailing and spinning its wheels going up the hill. Kind of like the rehearsal! :D

    The long winter is stressful. I hope summer gets here soon. I hope it's on a weekend this year.

    I had a tooth removed yesterday that was bugging me for cosmetic reasons: it was just ugly and in the wrong place. The extraction was painless, but the shots to make it painless sure as heck weren't! Owwww! The result looks good, though.

    Om mani padme hum

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    Reading about your tooth, Kathy, has reminded me that I need to see my dentist about one of my own teeth which has been aching. I'm not the bravest of people when contemplating a visit to his surgery!

    Sorry to hear you've got snow and ice over there. The weather here hasn't been too good - very cold and windy with lots of rain - but Cherry blossoms are out on trees at the sides of some of the streets, which look pretty.

    Good luck with the show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KathyLauren View Post
    ...I hope summer gets here soon. I hope it's on a weekend this year...

    Spring is coming to my part of the world.

    I was in my garden at dusk last night and I heard a frog croaking, from the general direction of the pond.

    I'm so glad froggie made it through the hibernation.

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