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Thread: How was your week ?

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    Starting a new chapter! May it be good for you and all your family, Elana.

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    Chatra Elana: "We just moved to a new apartment last week..."
    Congratulations regarding your successful and (sounds like) relatively suffering free move! Your children seem young enough (age 3) where they haven't yet formed any attachments to schools and neighborhood friends, thereby allowing them to make the move relatively free of separation anxiety.

    The reason I raise this issue is as a young (age 19) military man I moved several times to several different countries. I loved every move. It was exciting and interesting. I loved to travel. But, then as a young married ex-military man with jobs with international companies, and having moved several times due to career changes, reassignments and advancements. My family and I as a result learned all about a term called "Anomie", which I recommend to anyone in such a position review:

    Ironically, from a Buddhist perspective, when becoming familiar with this condition, and studying what has been learned about it as a sociological adjustment issue, the findings point out that the reason for much of our suffering is "attachment".

    Now, where have we heard that before?

    Seems that the deeper seated and longer the attachment, the greater the suffering as a result of separation.

    May this not be your experience.

    May your family enjoy the "new start" and prosper in your new environs.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am settling into a new position working in an organization that offers settlement services to Newcomers to Canada. A lot of the work is familiar to me because I am still in Program Administration. But a lot of the program issues I am working with are new because I am working with staff who are dealing with the challenges of supporting newcomers to integrate into Canadian society.

    I am continuing my practice to maintain balance and perspective in life.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.



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    Happy to know things are going well for you, Gene. Hope you have a lovely weekend too.

    With lots of good wishes,


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