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    Vesak Day

    In Japanese Zen Vesak day (Buddha's birthday) is on Monday 8th April.

    When and how does your tradition or you personally celebrate Buddha's birthday if at all?

    As my children are home on school holiday just now we will light a candle in the morning and keep it going until bedtime.
    I will talk to them briefly about the Buddha and Buddhism.
    They can chose a charity and we will donate to it and we will take our old clothes and toys to the local charity shop.


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    Hello Gary,

    In the Jodo Shinshu Tradition at my temple it called the Hanamatsuri, its on the 7th. We have a statue of the baby Buddha I believe he is standing with his hands pointed to the sky and the earth. (above the heavens, below the heavens I am most noble). And we bring flowers and everyone gets a flower and brings it up one by one to the statue places it over him (i beloieve there is a lil roof over him) but everyone places a flower on that roof and pours sweet tea over him (I forget what that symbolizes) bows and by the time were done the sight is wonderful.

    There is also some chanting we do before this.

    I will also be attending this year the Los Angeles Buddhist Church Federations Hanamatsuri. There will be many traditions gathering ( Higashi Honganji, Nishi, Honganji, Jodoshu, Zenshuji, Koyasan, and Nichierenshu) it should be wonderful.


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