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    I recommend the Ajahn Sumedho talks and Question and Answer sessions available to listen to at this link.

    There will be one or two added later before he finally leaves the UK in October to retire in Thailand. (He's 76 and is abbot of Amaravati Monastery)

    On the 'Patient Endurance, A Critical Quality' - Question and Answer session, you can hear me asking him a question about anatta around 46.00 to 46.10

    I found it particularly interesting later in that session when he spoke about 'love' -metta practice and how to apply it, non aversion and unconditioned love, and the Brahma Viharas operating out of emptiness.

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    Just a reminder that the talks at the link are being continually updated - and that there are also some by Ajahn Amaro who is taking over from Ajahn Sumedho as abbot of Amaravati Monastery.

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    Thank you Aloka :)

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