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    If you have seen any Buddhist teaching or meditation instruction videos that you like and which have been made by people recognised as teachers within one of the main traditions, please post them here in this thread with a brief description.

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    Bhante Vimalaramsi discusses Dependent Origination

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    Bhante Vimalaramsi gives instruction for Metta -Loving Kindness Meditation

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    Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche speaks on appreciating our life.

    More about Shambhala and Rinpoche here

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    This is the first in a series of You Tube videos by a Zen teacher.

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    The late Ajahn Chah

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    Thanks All.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Replying to Aloka-D:
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    Very good to hear this Zen teacher. I can tell we share this same aproach with our Roshi... We are very conscise, austere and direct way about explaining the basic foundations of our practice, there in the dojo and in our daily life: this are essentially the four noble truths explain in that very austere same way as in the video and the eightfold noble path,

    Thanks Aloka,

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