Forum Guidelines

Please read the forums descriptions and guidelines before posting in them.
Members are requested to stay on topic as far as possible in the discussions and keep personal chatter for the PM system, or Daily Life threads.

Please avoid posting random quotes in the forums and only use quotes if they are relevant to a discussion and have your own personal input added. (This also applies to posting videos) Sources of the quotes and links should always be provided and original pages should not be copied and pasted in their entirety. (Check Code of Conduct for more info on this subject)

Posts in discussion threads which contain nothing other than a smilie emoticon, may be deleted.

Private Messages

Please notify Admin if you are receiving promotional messages for other websites or for products/items for sale.

Please also notify the adminstrators if you are receiving offensive or unwanted personal messages from other members.

Anyone publicly posting another member's PM without their permission may be liable for suspension from the group.

Code of Conduct

Please do read this if you haven't already done so.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your membership here. However, if you should have a complaint about moderation or about the content of a forum topic, do not write about it on the forums, instead please contact the website Administrators with the details.