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    Mobile view

    Just wondering why the forum layout is completely different on the mobile view.
    The forum header is not coplete, well not the same as on my home computer. And many of the viewing options aren't available, the tool bar for example.
    Is there a way to switch the mobile view off? As it a vbulletin board I doubt it, but maybe I'm mistaken.
    If not guess I'll only view the forum when I'm at a computer as this layout sure isn't that user friendly.


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    You are not the only one who finds the mobile phone layout unhelpful. I have had another comment about it too.

    The header is presented in a different way -click on a grey square with three dots on it to get links for What's New, Private Messaging, Edit Profile and so on.

    The mobile layout was provided by vBulletin in the latest software upgrade. I don't have a smartphone, so I cannot check it myself. I would expect it to be an improvement for mobiles, but you guys are best placed to say what works and what doesn't.

    I can easily turn off the mobile style, to make it convenient to reach Buddhism Without Boundaries in a way that suits you.

    Anyone using the mobile style who actually thinks it is an improvement, please post about it here and let me know. If there's a difference of opinion, I'll find a way to satisfy everybody.

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    hi WS

    my issue, as global moderator, was the 'Whats New' function, which does not come up exactly the same as the 'New Posts' tab on the normal site

    1. the 'Whats New' function only can list a limited number of posts on a mobile phone

    2. once the 'Whats New' function is used, then the listed posts disappear. this results in having no way to look at the forum posts again in most recent order

    i can see this morning you have turned off the mobile style

    i think most members access the forum via the 'New Posts' tab and the mobile style is not helpful here

    as global moderator, i often look into the forum when i am at work or on a bus



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