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    How to delete a post

    There are (a few) perfectly good reasons for wanting to remove a post after you have posted. Don't panic. Follow Woodscooter's advice and all will be well.

    You have 12 hours from the time of first posting. Once that time has passed, the post is set in stone and it's there forever.

    Inside the 12-hour limit, your own posts have an 'Edit' link, in the margin at the bottom of each post. You can click on that link, to alter the wording, correct spelling, improve the style and so on.

    The Editing window also has a 'Delete Post' section, generally at the top. If there's no sign of the Delete Post section, click on 'Go Advanced' and you will probably find it there.

    If you're sure, tick the box in the Delete section, add an (optional) reason for deletion, and click on the Delete button. All gone, job done.

    One more thing: If your post starts a new thread, and it's the only post, then you cannot delete. That's because there's a rule that we can't have a thread with no posts in it.

    And finally... once the 12-hour time limit has passed, posts (and threads) can still be deleted by a Moderator or Administrator. Drop us a PM or an email, if it's very important. We don't guarantee to delete posts at your request. We will consider the context of the thread and the significance of the post to the discussion, and we will take your reason for requesting deletion into account too. Best to re-read your post straight after posting and be sure that you are happy with it there and then.


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    Thanks WS,

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    Just bumping this up for anyone who doesn't know how to edit or delete.

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