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    Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone, I'm Callie.

    Many of my own ideas about how to live day to day were unified the moment I sat down to watch a PBS documentary called "The Buddha," and it moved me to tears. Since then, I have been hungrily taking in as much knowledge as I can and applying it to my own life. I have been more than excited to take refuge in the principles and ideas that Buddhism teaches. It's only been about a month since I found it, but I have been a lot calmer and much more compassionate (even towards those who used to bother me-- a lot!) So today I will begin to further my understanding of Buddhism by becoming a member of a Buddhist community.

    There is much I don't understand. Like meditation practices, I do not know a lot about each branch or school of Buddhism, and I would like to understand the Eightfold Path with a lot more depth and clarity.

    So hello again everyone, I'm looking forward to reaching out to people who have the same interests as I!

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    Hello Callie,

    Be welcome to BWB!

    Thanks for sharing your feelings and experience with the teachings of Buddha. Something very similar happend to me. It was like a gradual process of a discovery where the very final stage was that about being deeply touched by the words of Buddha.

    The Beginners Forum is the recommended one to ask and also there, you can find two good readings so to get started at the core of Buddha's teaching:

    "On the Four Noble Truths: Tamara Engle and "What is Buddhism?"

    Besides a debate forum, we are a learning community so any questions are welcome.

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    Hi Callie,

    Welcome to the group, I hope you'll like it here !

    You mentioned not knowing much about meditation - so you might like to have a look at our meditation resources thread in Study Links.


    with kind wishes,


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    Welcome to the forum Callie

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    Hi Callie

    I found my interest in Buddhism from looking for resources on meditation, and like you was amazed at how many of my ideas about how to live day to day fitted with Buddhist principles...

    Welcome to the site!

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