When you quote someone else's words, you must consider the question of copyright.

Copyright exists automatically when some original work is published, and the owner of the copyright may be the author or the publisher.

Copyright exists in works published on the Internet, as well as in printed form.

Many books include a copyright statement, like this one I took from a book of Buddhist writings: " All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be copied transmitted broadcast reproduced stored as data or in any way violated without the consent of the publisher ".

It's generally accepted that if you quote a tiny part, like the quote I just gave, then no breach of copyright has occurred. About one paragraph is a good guideline to follow.

But to reproduce a whole page, or more, would risk creating an infringement of the copyright holder's rights.  Please be aware of such considerations when posting.

When quoting, please add your own comment about the quote. For instance, why you have chosen to quote that extract, or what it means to you personally. We are likely to delete a post that contains only a quote, with no original material at all.

And in all cases, please acknowledge the author and title of the work you have quoted. It's a courtesy, but it also gives something back to the author for having used his/her words.