There can be good reasons for wanting to delete a post after your have written and posted it. The post may not have come out the way you wanted, or maybe you hit the 'Send' button twice and there are now two copies of your reply.

There's no 'Delete' button. Instead, click on 'Edit Post'.

Now, 'Edit Post' only shows up underneath posts you have written. Of course, you can't edit other people's posts. And, 'Edit Post' only shows up for 12 hours after you've posted. After that, posts can't be changed or deleted.

So if editing your post can't put it right and you really want it gone, look around in the 'Edit Post' page for the Delete button. There may be a box to tick, there may be space for an optional message, but there will certainly be a Delete button. Click once and the post is history.

One other thing you need to know. You can't delete a thread by deleting a post. So, if your post is the only post in a thread, there will be no delete button after you have clicked on 'Edit Post'. We can't have a thread with no posts, so you can't delete the sole post in a thread.

If you feel the need to delete a post, or a thread, and you can't delete it yourself, then please send a PM to one of the Global Moderators, or to one of the Admins, and we might be able to help out.

New members, who can't send a PM until they have done a minimum number of posts and been registered for a minimum number of days, can make a request to me in this Technical Help forum if they can't work out how to do a delete themselves.

However, remember that in general what you post is seen by all, and replies only make sense in the context of what has been said before. So we are not likely to be keen to remove posts that have given rise to replies and discussion. That's why there's a 12-hour limit on editing and deletion.