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Thread: Overcoming urges and desires of the flesh

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    Ok everyone. I feel horrible that my question has lead to any disagreements or frustration. I'm sorry that this seems to be such a hot button item. I did not intend it to be so, nor is this what I believe we should be getting involved in.

    What sparked this question was that I am having my own issues with desire. Lust, in particular. I have been taking steps as of late to ease such desires. The reason I asked this question is because in order to obtain enlightenment (from all my reading and understanding), one must first free themselves of attachment. All desire. Good and bad. I look to the monks that are able to do this. I see that if they are able to acheive this, so can I. I see them not as some elevated beings, but rather someone a little further on their journey than I.

    Please - no more posts on this question - ok? I feel this entire issue has become a distraction. I feel as if I have become a thorn in the roses. I do not want that for anyone.

    I will work this out on my own. It just isn't worth the drama it has caused to anyone.

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    Hi TexasBuddhist,

    I am truly sorry that some of us have not been mindful of the questions in your original post, and that this is the beginners forum and not a place for debating or going off the topic.

    Please accept my apologies. I hope that this won't discourage you from posting here in future.

    The thread is now closed.

    Kind regards,


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