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Thread: Conditioned Existence is devoid of any unchanging, inherent self-nature?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudra View Post
    stuka -

    Nor did I say that anyone here was claiming to be a teacher, but they are giving guidance.
    Your statement and the replies were specifically about teachers. Teachers "give guidance". It is not a great stretch to see that your inference is that we think of ourselves as some kind of "teachers", especially in conjunction with the mind-reading that appears below:

    Quote Originally Posted by mudra View Post
    they are actively giving guidance to someone who has never met them, and who has no idea what they are really like, and are expecting the poster to trust them over meeting and assessing a person in real life. interesting.
    I have my doubts that you are really able to assess my motives and Sri's motives from your chair as you claim.

    Nothing wrong with that as far as an internet experience goes. But in real life we do benefit from having dharma friends and more experienced people help us.
    That is true. But you were speaking specifically about "accomplished teachers".
    It's very simple. I was intrigued to see the knee jerk reaction, that's all.
    Some of us are not entirely impressed with the idea of submitting oneself to "a qualified teacher", "an accomplished teacher", "an enlightened guru", etc. Charlatans abound.

    Your next post clarifies that a bit, but I have no idea who this Great Teacher is.
    Do you think it matters who? Pick one or several. There have been plenty.

    As to the OP's question, I thought this was an open forum.
    It is. And that means that folks are free to challenge assumptions.

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    Hi Mudra,

    When newcomers join the community they have the option of asking questions to the existing group members. This, I think is the procedure on most interent Buddhist forums. We do in fact have members who are experienced offline practitioners amongst us but nobody sets themselves up as teachers. You are, I think, making assumptions if you think none of us are capable of offering any basic suggestions to others. Also, we are from different traditions and its an open forum, so there will be a range of views.

    Another thing to consider is that some of our members around the world don't live anywhere near a Buddhist centre and have family and work commitments, so that meeting offline Buddhists isn't an option for them right now.

    Personally I would advise people who seek a teacher to investigate teachers very carefully and not get too carried away by charismatic gurus and their adoring students - and take plenty of time in doing so. I also think its wise to have a basic grounding in the teachings of the Buddha first rather than plunging into an offline group situation where they know nothing about the activities of the group or about Buddhism in general.

    What's my own experience? More than 20 years of offline involvement and practice with Vajrayana, and more recent offline investigations and enjoyment of Theravada. I have interacted on a personal practice advice level with Vajrayana teachers and also with a Theravada teacher.

    My suggestion is still investigate carefully, do some basic studies and don't be in a hurry to commit to an organisation anywhere. Teachers are just human beings, and if we get too attached to them there's always the danger that we'll never jump out of the nest and fly for ourselves .

    with kind wishes,


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    Hi Stuka and Aloka-D,

    Actually it seems more like you are making assumptions. I stated that people here are giving guidance too. I didn't say anything about motivation, nor do I have any assumptions about each individuals motivations. I also didn't make recommendations about any great gurus. On what basis would I do that? All I was pointing out was that it helps to have someone with some experience to help out, just as you are doing.

    You don't even know my position on a serious guru-disciple relationship. They have existed since the time of the Buddha. Just to make it clear where I stand: I am actually quite conservative on it and always feel people should investigate very very carefully.

    I am not investigating anyone of the posters' credentials, as you both seem to imply I am doing. There is a lot of jumping to conclusions is what there is.

    In any case I don't think I have anything of much value to offer this forum.

    My apologies if I have inadvertently ruffled feathers during my short stay.

    Be well


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    Quote Originally Posted by mudra View Post

    In any case I don't think I have anything of much value to offer this forum.

    My apologies if I have inadvertently ruffled feathers during my short stay.

    Be well

    No problem Mudra, and I hadn't noticed any feathers being ruffled. My apologies also if you feel I was jumping to conclusions .

    I'm sorry you've left so hurriedly and it was nice to see you briefly. I hope you'll be happier back in the comfort zone of posting in a one-tradition group.

    Be well and at ease.


    This thread has gone way off topic now - so it may be a good point at which to close it. New topics always welcome in this or any of our other forums.

    Thanks to all who contributed.

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