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24 May 11, 00:39
Hi everyone :) I searched google for a site I could learn a bit about Buddhism and this is where I ended up. I have so many questions and am really interested in the practice, but feel a little lost. I'm kind of in the "annoying questions" stage. I've read a bit in the past about meditation and consciousness...but that's about the extent of my learning. And I just recently watched the documentary "The Buddha" where I learned a great deal about the life of Buddha which I previously had no knowledge of. Anyways, hope to see some of you around ;)

24 May 11, 01:12
Hello Uncharted!

Be welcome to the forum and feel free to ask. ;)

24 May 11, 04:43
Hi Uncharted, welcome to the group !

24 May 11, 05:53
Hi. Welcome.

24 May 11, 11:38
Feel free to ask us questions and explore the 'Study Links' section ;D

24 May 11, 13:45

24 May 11, 18:37
Hi welcome to the boards... I'm new too.. and questions aren't annoying, at least not when they're for honest learning.