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20 May 11, 02:47
Hello, I am a hopeful follower of Buddhism. I'm still learning about Buddhism, but after a lifelong search, I believe this is my path, what I feel that I can follow. I'm not a full convert yet, but I feel I will soon. Um, I'm not sure how to go about this, in all honesty. I am hoping to find some friends here, discover more about Buddhism, and, maybe, find one in my area.

20 May 11, 03:01
Hello Samhraidh,

Be welcome to BWB!


20 May 11, 03:32
Welcome to the forum

Fell free to ask any questions you like

Hope you feel at home :)

20 May 11, 04:14
Hi Samhraidh, welcome to the group !

20 May 11, 05:11
Welcome Samhraidh!

20 May 11, 08:18
Hi Samhraidh,
Welcome to BWB. I hope we can be of some assistance.

21 May 11, 00:43
Thank you for the kind welcomes :)
I look forward to this.