View Full Version : Looking for meditation CD's.

07 Jul 21, 13:46
I'm relatively new to Buddhism and I'm still learning about literature on the subject but I'd like to ask about mediation CDs.
I've never really done meditation before but when I've looked online there are so many different CDs I don't know which ones are the best for quality.

There aren't really any groups as such in my local area that are doing anything at the moment because of the pandemic shutting everything down and although there's videos on Youtube I don't really want to have to switch on a laptop every time.

I've been looking for one that I can listen to that has a detailed and insightful guide to how to do it but I'm undecided on recommendations.

07 Jul 21, 15:44
Hi Fenchurch,

I don't know about CD's but there are lots of excellent audio and video teachings about meditation which are available on the website of Amaravati Monastery UK if you do a search there.



07 Jul 21, 16:15
Hi Fenchurch!

I recommend you Zazen. Here are the instructions (https://www.buddhismwithoutboundaries.com/showthread.php?5433-Instructions-for-Zazen-Meditation). Just give a try.


07 Jul 21, 16:28
Hello Fenchurch,

I used to do Samatha meditation with the UK Samatha Trust and I recommend that you look at their website: https://samatha.org

The resources at the Amarvarati website are very good too.

I doubt that you'll find any mainstream Buddhist meditation instruction on CD.