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05 Jan 21, 13:34
There are several realizations in Zazen but all of them are about the experience of emptiness and silence of mind. In daily life, due to Zazen, we can experience the emptiness of having more and clinging, of desire and craving and of developing intellectual knowledge as a means of knowing reality. These three empty and silent states of mind bring a deep sense of peace and joy in our existence.


Doing Zazen calmly in the dojo
extinguishing desire with a tranquil spirit
the sunrise
the bird sings


06 Jan 21, 00:18
They do indeed!

12 Jan 21, 10:19
...developing intellectual knowledge...

I have found something ineffable in Zazen, which has been a wonderful contrast and compliment to sutta study in the Theravada tradition.

A special transmission outside the scriptures.
No dependency on words and letters.
Pointing directly to the human mind.
Seeing into one’s nature and attaining Buddhahood.