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jundo cohen
03 Nov 20, 15:34
Thank you for the invitation to post an announcement here ...

Released This Week:

THE ZEN MASTER’S DANCE - A Guide to Understanding Dōgen and Who You Are in the Universe
by Jundo Cohen

I am content to announce that my book has been released today by Wisdom Publications/Simon and Schuster. ;D

So many Soto practitioners, both the very new and the many years’ experienced, struggle mightily sometimes to get a handle on Shobogenzo. That’s largely due, of course, to Master Dogen’s wild writing style and unique expressions of the Buddhist teachings. Some readers and practitioners have given up in the end, feeling that they just cannot get a taste for what Dogen was on about. For many, the Shobo is a "no go."

To help remedy this situation, I wanted my book to serve as a first pathway into Dogen and Shobogenzo for those who struggle. I have somewhat simplified and modernized Dogen’s style in several of his writings to make them easier to follow and grasp for today’s readers. And I accompany this with digestible explanations of the likely meanings, all hopefully in a way that does Dogen justice and is faithful to his intent. I wanted to simplify, but not overly simplify. Further, I have tried to explain Dogen’s stylistic quirks in ways that readers will be able to relate to. So many remain befuddled by what Dogen was expressing in all his lyrical rambles, and I want to overcome that.

Here's a hint: What Coltrane created from the "old standard song book," what Jimi Hendrix did to the “Star Spangled Banner” or Picasso did to a vase and table in order to uncover new angles and new light, Dogen did to the ancient Sutra passages, Koans, and stories of our Way, producing amazing sounds and making fresh discoveries from the inspirations and originals, turning them inside out, changing the beat or vision, going to unchartered places, hot riffin' and rockin' on the classics. Hopefully, with a bit of accompanying explanation of the basic Zen and Mahayana teachings to serve as the groundwork, readers who can grasp what Coltrane, Hendrix, and Picasso were doin’ will now get what Dogen was doin’.

(I also wanted to write something clear and understandable for those totally new to Zen, who would not know a Shobogenzo from Ravioli with Gorgonzola :mrgreen:)

Plus, as the title promises, my book will help you realize once and for all:

Who You Are in the Universe! :up2::

Thanks everyone.


Gassho, Jundo


03 Nov 20, 16:23
I also wanted to write something clear and understandable for those totally new to Zen, who would not know a Shobogenzo from Ravioli with Gorgonzola.

Hi Jundo , :wave:

Thanks very much for telling us about your new book. I've been a Vajrayana and Theravada practitioner for a long time and I know nothing significant about Dogen and Shobogenzo.... so I'm hoping to be finding out more and reading your book in the not too distant future!

Stay safe & well.

Aloka :hands:

04 Nov 20, 18:47
I know little or nothing of Zen Buddhism. So I would be interested in reading 'The Zen Master's Dance'.

Jundo Cohen's description of his book makes it sound a very accessible way in. Thanks, Jundo.

09 Nov 20, 14:27
Hello Jundo, and welcome! While I am a Theravada practitioner, I also like to read Zen, particularly Dogen, so anyone who can make more sense of him is a book I want to read!