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17 Aug 20, 07:33
This is an article from the Buddhist Door website :"Peparing for Rebellion":


Any thoughts about it ?


17 Aug 20, 10:30
There are often contradictory elements to the Buddhist path, which is not surprising as we are human beings struggling to make sense of a world seemingly reluctant to be made sense of. On one hand we look for equanimity as a measure of success but on the other hand we look for mindfulness arising too. Compassion is another biggie on our checklist, so what are we to do when when we become mindful of our planet being destroyed, where millions of living things are being thoughtlessly and wantonly poisoned or burned or starved to death? What does our compassion bring to the situation? Can we sit in equanimity and watch it happen? I have nothing but admiration for engaged Buddhism when related to such things.

18 Aug 20, 12:56
It certainly is a difficult choice to make. To what extent is it right to stand up and oppose the continuing pollution of this planet? To what extent do we believe that right speech and right action involve opposing the law? Will it make any difference in the long term?

No-one has a universal answer to offer. We have to do whatever seems right, based on our own convictions. We shouldn't be influenced by the voices of protesters, nor by the voices of those who oppose protest. In the end, it's a personal decision.

26 Aug 20, 11:40
The structure of capitalism does not allow protest, and I believe stops any meaningful effort in its track. When I turn on the Propaganda machine and we must remember that is what TV is, I see people protesting on what looks the wrong issues in the wrong period of time for it, and it becomes obvious that the capitalists have their own hooligans on the streets causing violence and creating a negative image of those who protest about Greed.

Just my opinion, you will sleep better knowing that.;)

27 Aug 20, 09:45
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27 Aug 20, 15:35
This is the most important information I have read and yet millions have ignored its significance - https://tinyurl.com/yywza5th

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