View Full Version : Being One's Own Teacher

23 Jun 20, 09:36
In this article, Gil Fronsdal - a teacher at the Insight Meditation Centre, Redwood USA, - discusses the Kalama Sutta.


..and here's a link to a translation of the sutta:


Any thoughts about Gil Fronsdal's article?


23 Jun 20, 10:20
I think he gets the meaning behind the sutta right. The Buddha was offering more than mere following of tradition or set rules, or even logic. He was offering a way that uses the best of contemporary practice with a way to internalise his teachings, namely using the practices themselves and experiencing their benefits. In modern terms they had the chance to internalise elements of Buddhism, a process which means the impetus for practice comes from within. As long as the practice is valid, then you don't need a teacher to tell you what to do or to keep you motivated.