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01 Apr 11, 00:00
I have been interested in Buddhism for several years now, attended meditation classes and read a fair bit. It's only recently started to resonate a lot more with me and I feel I have moved a little further in grasping what it means to practice Buddhism in every day life, not just to 'learn the theory'. I've looked on the net and come across this site which is great for sharing ideas and hearing other people's stories;D

01 Apr 11, 00:08
Hi brahminykite

BWB is the right place to start... fasten your seat belt and welcome to the forum! :P

01 Apr 11, 00:39
Welcome friend :)

Hope we can answer any questions you have, feel free to ask anything you want

No boundaries here ;) lol

01 Apr 11, 02:19
Hi brahminykite,

Welcome to the group !

01 Apr 11, 09:10
Hi brahminykite,
Welcome to the group.

01 Apr 11, 16:23
Hey! Good to meet you. Hope to see you around.