View Full Version : Zen and the Coronavirus

05 Mar 20, 22:21
Soto Zen teacher Brad Warner talks about the Coronavirus (approx. 6 minutes):


Any thoughts?

06 Mar 20, 02:59
I agree with Brad; Zazen makes you more grounded being little inclined to panic in the case of coronavirus.


06 Mar 20, 11:22
His advice about excessive rumination is good, but the rest not quite so good. Yes, the media tends to be rather hysterical about things an order to sell itself, but it only means that when important things come along we don't know what to believe. I think he may be a bit young to understand those of us rather older than he is are understandably concerned about something which seems pretty deadly to those over retirement age. As a biologist I'm aware that nobody has any immunity to the virus, so the eventual effect on the world's population is unknown territory, especially if the medical services become overwhelmed at peak infection.

Regular hand washing using soap and hot water, along with not touching yourself on the face when out and about seems the best advice around at the moment. Trying to stay out of range of people coughing and sneezing is a good idea too. Such viruses have a lipid outer layer, meaning that soap readily attacks them, which is good news. Masks seem to be of very limited effectiveness, unless you are trained in how to use specialist hospital masks, not the disposable ones. Other masks are omly effective when worn by those who are ill with the virus, to stop their coughs and sneezes in their tracks.