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22 Feb 20, 12:32
Dear friends,

Do you have a regular meditation practice....and if so, which method do you use, and are you finding it beneficial?

With metta,

Aloka :hands:

24 Feb 20, 01:56
Zazen, mindfulness of breathing and some times metta meditation. Basically 4 hours a day daily. Results: happiness and a peaceful mind. Things appear to me as miracles and I enjoy life greatly.


24 Feb 20, 21:19
Twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening to close out my day. I also try to do walking meditation throughout the day. My sessions are about 40 minutes each plus walking meditation throughout the day. I follow Thai Forest Tradition/ Theravada/ Mindfulness such as Ajahn Sumedho.
I find it to be very beneficial.