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25 Jan 20, 17:19
A video of Ven Thich Nhat Hanh teaching that "a cloud never dies". (just over 12 minutes)



Any comments about what he was teaching in the video?


25 Jan 20, 18:01
The Ven. Thích Nach Hanh I believe was trying to make the point that although appearance may change it is all really still as it was. Just the illusion of change.


25 Jan 20, 19:47
Master Hahn is absolutely correct

What he is describing for the purpose of meditation is The Hydrogeologic Cycle on Earth.


All that is missing from the link above is Master Hahn and his tea cup.

However, I doubt that the cloud made it to his teacup in just one day. :up2:

26 Jan 20, 11:11
That's one cute teaching there. Before I retired I used to teach children that age and did an occasional Buddhist-type assembly with a simple mindfulness of breathing practice. I would have used that teaching too if I had seen it at the time. Although the children were a bit restless, he took a complex concept, the cyclic and interconnected nature of things, and put it over at a simple level. At the same time he didn't fall into the trap of trying too hard to relate it to everything on a more abstract level.

At our level, I'm not too keen on the use of language such as the cloud being alive or happy, or the poor science behind the idea of a cloud 'falling' as rain. On the other hand we can meditate on something as simple as water and track it in our minds as we drink or use something made partly of water. I like the idea of drinking the same water that a T-Rex might have been drinking millions of years ago. Mindfulness can be brought into everything if we try.

I also like the way he approved of using tea to keep you awake during meditation. Far too many Buddhists I have met have been far too precious about the idea of taking mind enhancing substances of this kind (I do stick to tea and coffee).