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17 Jan 20, 16:45
Healing Ecology

....an article by Zen teacher David Loy in the Journal of Buddhist Ethics. (approx. 15 small pages)


Comments welcome if you've read the essay.


18 Jan 20, 11:21
There's a lot of good stuff there, but a lot that is missed. I really wish that scientific terminology such as evolution wasn't hijacked and used for other purposes. The universe has gone through many processes and changes, but it hasn't evolved. The seeming developed complexity is part of the continuing running down of the universe in terms of entropy, not an upward development. Similarly, great Buddhist may have changed in certain ways because of their practice, but they haven't evolved into superior beings.

The Earth has gone through many processes and many ice ages and interglacial periods. There is no doubt that we are speeding up a natural process of warming during an interglacial period, that our production of greenhouse gases and so on can tip the balance with catastrophic results for all living things in a very short timescale. Our preference for living in coastal areas susceptible to rising sea level inundation will result in billions of deaths and lead to the catastrophic break up of modern society.

So what is being done and why? Our modern society is controlled by relatively few people behind the political scenes, people who hold the majority of the wealth but who are in that position because they are largely sociopaths who are obsessed with the accumulation of power and wealth. They control the media which is determined to deflect attention away from the problem in any way they can. Of course the whole thing is absurd as there is only one Earth and nobody will be able to escape the consequences of inaction, but these people are so lost in their way of thinking that there is little hope that they will change.

We can do a number of things ourselves, short of a handy wall and firing squad, such as those alluded to in the article. We are many, and if we change then those in power will have to change too. We have to work on ourselves first as Buddhists, and then seek to help others change for themselves. If we can become more mindful and learn to see through those things which were holding us back, then we can all start to work together to see what can be done in a practical sense. Sorry if this has been a rather down of a post, but I'm trying to reflect the reality I have been finding in my search for why we are in such a mess.

18 Jan 20, 14:55
Reads like a term paper.

Ecology is by definition interconnected. As members evolve so does the membership. Buddhist perspective is irrelevant except for this relationship as members contributing to the overall ecological system.