View Full Version : Plants make sounds when stressed

14 Dec 19, 16:49
An article from New Scientist :

Recordings reveal that plants make ultrasonic squeals when stressed


Any thoughts about the article?


14 Dec 19, 19:28
Thanks for the link, Aloka.

Plants have been grossly under estimated as to sentience and sapience. You would think that a buddha would have realized that fact. They have sense of touch, vision, smell (chemo tropism), sense of sound, & heat. And now we know they can produce sounds. They also protect themselves with production of toxins.

15 Dec 19, 09:22
It's a fascinating thought, that plants emit sounds when stressed. It leads me to start thinking that plants are more sensitive than we had assumed, and perhaps we should not be exploiting them for food.

However, the sound may be naturally occurring from some physical source that's not governed by the plant's choice. It doesn't directly lead to the concept of a thinking, feeling plant. I'll be very interested to find where this research leads.

15 Dec 19, 10:40
It's also interesting that the trees in a forest all communicate underground via fungi https://e360.yale.edu/features/exploring_how_and_why_trees_talk_to_each_other so we've only just scratched the surface about understanding plants.

15 Dec 19, 13:56
Thanks, philg.

Have seen more than a few documentaries describing subsurface mushroom mycelium acting as nutrient vasculature for forests in exchange for nutrients provided by surface plant saps and other compounds provided through plant roots.:reading:


Forests are the larger expression of plant life just as insect pollinators are expressions of symbiotic relationships within any given ecosystem. Plant flowers provide nectar to pollinators, while pollinators provide pollen transport from flower to flower. Mycelium act as the vascular systems of the forest. Plants provide animals with oxygen and animals provide plants with carbon dioxide with which they build their cellulosic plant structures. These are but daily examples of the symbiotic relationships with which plants and animals have assisted each other in adaptation to our mutual environments and ecosystems.

When we look closely at how nature has evolved on our planet, and no doubt we will discover as we explore our universe, we (all life) are connected as both individual and integrated expressions of life. Moreover we rely upon each other for membership within the grand web of life & existence within our universe. :up2: