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26 Mar 11, 08:50
In the section "forum participants" (or something rather) it says something like "1 member, 5 guests, 2 with spiders".
And then there is "Google with spider" etc
What's 'spider'?

26 Mar 11, 09:24
I asked Woodie the same question,this is his reply:
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The search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and others) have computers that are continually crawling though the world wide web looking for new material to index and to use in their search results. The amount of information that is recorded is truly massive.
I asked Woodie the same question and this is the answer:

What name might you give to a computer that crawls about on the Web? Spider is the name that has been chosen by some bright spark, and it has stuck. So a spider is an automated computer collecting internet data for use by a search engine.

We show the names of the spider's owner in grey, in the Who's online section.