View Full Version : How Does Meditation Practice Develop the Mind?

08 Nov 19, 12:03
A helpful video of Ajahn Amaro talking about meditation practice (approx. 23 minutes)



16 Jan 20, 19:13
If you've listened to the video, comments are welcome!


16 Jan 20, 20:31
Sorry, I've no time to respond, I have to meditate (mindfully).

Great dhamma talk! Will be sharing. Thanks, Aloka.

17 Jan 20, 10:19
A good general introduction to meditation and to why there are different types. He argues for a balanced approach where each type of meditation has a different effect, with each helping you to gain the sort of wisdom he was talking about. I like the way he suggested it doesn't really matter how you label your practice, as Buddhist or not, because meditation works anyway, and you become really alive as opposed to as good as dead. Though, of course, following the path helps.