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18 Oct 19, 08:34
Extinction Rebellion Buddhists Face off with Authorities in London

By Justin Whitaker


Any thoughts in connection with the article?


18 Oct 19, 11:23
It's the old argument in Buddhism. Should we be engaged Buddhists or merely accept that what is, is? I think Buddhism is big enough for both schools of thought in this respect. I remember someone at the Buddhist centre remarking that we shouldn't have any problem, as Buddhists, with the world ending sooner rather than later. Not sure if I agreed with him, but I understood his point.

27 Oct 19, 20:14
I very much like the idea of planting trees. This allows the trees to sequester CO2. If Buddhist protestors want to block traffic, then plant trees in the centers of intersections.

29 Mar 20, 10:33
For me it is Engage, always. If Buddhists see a car coming they get out of the road. When they are hungry, they eat. When the world is being destroyed, I like to think they will do something then as well.