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28 Sep 19, 21:03
Does any one have experiences to share about meditation retreats they went to, liked, disliked? I have been trying to search for a good one to go to, which doesn’t cost me a lot. On the websites they all sound amazing but what is the reality at these places? How intensive and authentic are they? Some places definitely sound as if they have diluted the program so much to attract more people to participate that it is meaningless to go ( e.g. I don’t want energy healing sessions and other new age stuff also offered as part of a “package”). Simpler the place, the better. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.

28 Sep 19, 21:54
Well, I’m not familiar with many of retreats, especially in New York City. There is one I am familiar with from around here and she goes to New York and is involved with a retreat. Her name is Tara Brach. I have attended a few of her Dhamma talks/ meditations.She holds her talks in Maryland, a few hours from us depending on traffic.
I do know she is teaching this retreat, along with some other well-known teachers. Worth looking into.

Many Sangha’s in your area. Ask around. I recommend reading a little of anything they have published.

Find Tara Brach’s home page and see if her arrivals will meet your plans.


29 Sep 19, 07:13
On the websites they all sound amazing but what is the reality at these places?

Hi trusolo,

I don't live in the USA, so I can't comment other than to suggest that first of all you go to visit some of the Buddhist centres or monasteries in your area, to get some idea of what they're like.

With metta,