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08 Aug 19, 22:30
From BBC Future:

The animals that will survive climate change



10 Aug 19, 11:02
Hopefully there will be enough information left over from human activity to inform the next intelligent life form to evolve, and to stop them making the same mistakes. But I shan't hold my breath.

10 Aug 19, 17:57
Having read the article, I think I must make preparations for returning as a cockroach in my future incarnation. Cockroaches have had a bad press, often being associated with filthy kitchens. But of course, the cockroaches are not responsible for the kitchens -that's all down to the humans.

Looking at the bigger picture, we can't forecast all the conditions that will occur as this planet gradually warms. For that reason, it's impossible to tell which species will become extinct and in what sequence. The article makes this clear.

I suspect that humanity will find it more and more difficult to survive, in the face of what we presently call 'natural disasters'. Unusual weather patterns, sea level changes, flooding, land slides, mudslides, coastal erosion... I won't go on. It's inevitable that thousands of millions of lives will be lost in a period of several decades.

It's inevitable that society, as we know it, will break down. Cities operate on the basis that people co-operate by working in a whole host of specialised ways: postmen, train and bus drivers, maintenance workers, messengers, dry cleaners, hospital staff, flower shops, news and television journalists. There has only to be a little disruption to create a chain reaction of people no longer being motivated to carry out these functions.

The humans who are left may return to living in villages, doing a little hunting, a little farming, and some looting too. Communication between villages would be rudimentary as there will be no cell-phone service any more, no power stations burning fossil fuels, no jet planes connecting continents, no herds of meat-producing animals creating methane.

Over-population and atmospheric pollution will eventually disappear from this planet. Humanity may survive the apocalypse, but the conditions for living will be very different from what we are used to. Our days now will become the myth and history stories told by future generations.

Under a stone, nearby, a cockroach will be listening to these stories, listening intently.

10 Aug 19, 18:07
Here's a PS to my apocalyptic vision.

The article in post #1 also mentions tardigrades. These are tough little creatures. Take a look at a picture of a tardigrade. Don't you want to hug one?

The reason I'm mentioning it is that only today on the BBC World Service I heard that a few tardigrades have been sent to the moon. They were encased in resin, which is claimed to be the modern equivalent of a specimen encased in amber.

Until today i had never heard of the tardigrade, then all of a sudden two come along within the space of a few hours. Funny old world.

15 Aug 19, 05:26
As for which creatures will survive "climate change" you can count on a wide variety of plants, fish, crustaceans, and sea mammals. Also the leading land animals will be insects, bacteria, fungae, & molds.:P

20 Aug 19, 10:13
Olderon, I agree with your prediction of what forms of life will survive into our future world.

Given enough time, some of those life forms might evolve into "higher beings", whatever that may be.