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13 Jul 19, 05:31
Hi friends,

I have a doubt. I have been practicing mindfulness of thoughts or mental fabrications, and on doing this I contemplate with equanimity the flow of thoughts that the mind produces. Because of this I have a strange and uncomfortable feeling: the sensation of a self looking at the thought that appears and fades away.

Why is this? Am I doing something wrong?


13 Jul 19, 09:21
I think you are describing one of the stages of mindfulness of thought, where this is what is supposed to happen. I used a swinging gate method to do this, where I visualised thoughts moving through the gate and then leaving once through, but it can happen spontaneously as in your case. It's a difficult ask of the brain, to use thoughts to observe thoughts, so it's no wonder that feelings of strangeness arise. In my opinion it shows that you are moving in the right direction and that the strangeness will disappear as you get used to the practice.

13 Jul 19, 11:40
Thanks philg... I hope to experience 'non-self' through mindfulness meditation in thoughts as the practice advances because this sensation of a self observing is not comfortable.


13 Jul 19, 14:36
Hi Esho,

You might find something helpful in section 2 "Movement and Stillness," and section 3 "Knowing versus Thinking, of Ajahn Amaro's little meditation book "Finding the Missing Peace".


I also found this "Guided Meditation on Anatta" with Buddhist teacher Joseph Goldstein. (I haven't listened to it myself)



13 Jul 19, 22:13
Thanks Aloka ;D