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13 Mar 19, 17:35
Hi everyone, in the recent months, my meditation practice has dwindle to almost non-existence. I have resorted to using guided meditations not the foo-foo ones but taught by Buddhist teachers, for example Tara Brach. It's the best I can seem to manage these days, but I feel as if I am letting myself down by not practicing samatha, calm abiding, or whatever you choose to call focusing on the breath. I am also struggling to practice Buddhism at all. There are various reasons for this.

That said, what are your thoughts about this kind of guided meditation? Thanks. :meditate:

14 Mar 19, 05:29
Hi Lise,

My personal opinion is that there's nothing wrong in using guided meditations from a recognised Buddhist teacher or teachers.

Be gentle with yourself and try not to worry too much. If you find a guided meditation practice that seems to be helpful, stick with that for a while.

Most teachers have websites for their current centre or monastery and quite a few of them also have videos or audios on YouTube. The Dharma Seed website also seems to have a variety of talks from different teachers, so maybe you could check a few of them to see if there's anything suitable.

.....Or maybe you could Google names with "guided meditation" after them. Here's an 18 minute one with Ajahn Amaro called "Let Go."


Hope that helps a little.

Wishing you good health and happiness,

Aloka :hug:

14 Mar 19, 09:04
Try some meditations you enjoy. Meditation should be fun, otherwise it becomes a chore rather than the wonderful thing it is.

14 Mar 19, 12:32
Thanks to both of you! :up2: