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09 Mar 19, 17:49
This is a 5 minute video from Ajahn Jayasaro, with instructions for the practice of Metta.



14 May 19, 17:00
Hi Aloka,

thanks for the video.
I would like to start integrating metta meditation in my practice (up to now I have always practiced focusing on the breath) because thanks to mindfulness I am starting to uncover some thought patterns and discovering that I can be pretty harsh and cold towards myself...
Do you suggest that I practice metta in a dedicated session, replacing the focus on the breath, or is it better to use it as beginning or final part of my ordinary practice? I usually do 30 minutes twice a day. Also, does it make more sense to practice metta regularly like I do with the breath or to only do metta meditation when I emotionally feel the need to do it?

Thank you all!

15 May 19, 15:45
Hi Federica,

I don't have any fixed timetable for metta practice, sometimes I'll do it at the beginning or end of a meditation session and sometimes by itself. I also extend it to all sentient beings rather than just humans.

I think its a good idea to do a short session daily if one tends to experience challenging situations of one kind or another at home, work, or indeed anywhere at all.

You might also like a short guided loving kindness meditation by Tara Brach, who is a Buddhist meditation teacher in the USA. Some guided meditations can be found on her website.