View Full Version : What has been your personal experience of Buddhism?

26 Jan 19, 08:09
Dear friends,

What has been your personal experience of Buddhism so far, and how does that shape your practice?


26 Jan 19, 11:34
I have personally found that Buddhism answered all of the questions I had following years of meditation practice undertaken over many years, separately from any organisation. On finally finding Buddhism, it described my insight experiences and gave me ways of interpreting them that I can happily live with.

In terms of interacting with Buddhists, either in real life or on the internet, I've found little in the way of open, flexible discussion from people who have latched onto one particular interpretation and who respond poorly to any other ways of doing so.

On a positive note it has galvanised me to explore practice which is free from the cultural baggage of the past, and present, without losing sight of the basic tenets of what the Buddha was teaching.

29 Jan 19, 13:39
Buddhism gave me a worldview that does not conflict with scientific knowledge, and a moral/ethical code that does not depend on magical authority figures.

Buddhists that I have met in person have tended to be interesting, slightly flakey (in a good way), intelligent people. Those that I have met online include some of the interesing people, but also many less interesting people for whom Buddhism seems to be mostly fodder for debate. So my online experience has been less satisfying than my in-person experience.

It has been more than 40 years since I first encountered Buddhism, so it is very much a part of my life now. It affects the way I do everything I do. While I cannot claim perfection, I do try to stay mindful of the Precepts. My daily practice may look pedestrian to an observer, but it keeps me grounded.

Om mani padme hum

26 Mar 19, 17:56
Experiences of empty mind and very calm living, no more stress in the body and even when others do get angry or frustrated the mind will not rise to become like them. The detatchment to self and deeper understanding of meditation in to the 4 jhanas.