View Full Version : Interesting article about Robert Aitken Roshi (Zen)

19 Mar 11, 07:32
Just got done reading a 4-page article about an interview with Zen master Robert Aitken at age 93, shortly before his death (at least I think). Very interesting read! Here's a blurb from one of his works and the link to the article:

"The Goddess of Mercy

Unpack karma and you get cause and effect. Unpack cause and effect and you get affinity. Unpack affinity and you get the tendency to coalesce. Unpack the tendency to coalesce and you get intimacy. Unpack intimacy and you will find that you contain all beings. Unpack containment and there is the goddess of mercy herself."

-Robert Aitken Roshi, "No Mean Preacher"