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18 Mar 11, 11:59
I found this at The Buddhist Channel and wondered if anyone had any comments:

Culture, Women, Money & the Western Sangha

by Francesco Gimelli

Lund, Sweden -- In my online wanderings, I recently came across a comment on a few pieces of reflection and information that seemed to shine a light on aspects of the role of women in the Theravada monastic tradition in the West, and clarify some links between culture and women’s roles within these communities.

The first element that made me reflect was what I think is a brilliant insight by a commentator on the West Wight Sangha blog who calls him or herself ‘Freethinker’, in which he or she stated that,

“…do you really understand that the Forest tradition in the UK is funded and backed by the Thai people. Without their contribution there would be no Amaravati or Chithurst, westerners do not fund this tradition and their contribution is very small. Please do not make out that this is a gender and discrimination issue, because it is not. It is a Thai cultural issue and on that point Ajahn Sumedho’s hands are tied.