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26 May 18, 08:47
A mini- interview from a few years ago with Soto Zen teacher Brad Warner . (approx. 4 minutes)


26 May 18, 11:05
Continuing with the Dogen theme, there's also an article by Zen student and journalist Barbara O'Brien:

Eihei Dogen
The Founder of Japanese Soto Zen

Eihei Dogen (1200-1253), also called Dogen Kigen or Dogen Zenji, was a Japanese Buddhist monk who established Soto Zen in Japan. He is also known for the collection of his writing called Shobogenzo, a masterpiece of the world's religious literature.

Continues at the link:



26 May 18, 13:18
Do we have any Dogen enthusiasts/Zen practitioners who'd like to add something ?

28 May 18, 04:54
While I’m not a Zen practitioner , I do read Zen books. Brad Warner is one of the authors . His take on Dogen is very approachable and down to earth.