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15 Mar 11, 19:48
Hello, I'm COMPLETELY new to Buddhism. I'm currently ignostic, and I've been exploring different religions. I've been a witch for a while and like it, but didn't really click. Roman Catholic, but it pretty much condemned feminity, so nope. But Buddhim, I think that's a clicker. :) I'm also very interested in becoming a Healer. And I am very happy to be here!

15 Mar 11, 19:51
Hi lumieres and welcome to the group ! Thank you for telling us a little about yourself.

With kind wishes,

Aloka-D :hands:

17 Mar 11, 00:42
Wellcome to BWB lumieres!


18 Mar 11, 12:08
Thank you for the warm welcoming. I appreciate it very much! :)

18 Mar 11, 12:10
Good to hear from you again - I hope you'll like it here ! ;D

18 Mar 11, 13:24
Salut Hi!

With love and peace you can heal much suffering, in others and within yourself :). Welcome