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17 Jan 18, 15:20
As we have a few members who are interested in Secular Buddhism, I thought I'd post this transcript of a recent interview with Stephen Batchelor which is on the website of the New Zealand Secular Buddhists.

"Noah Rasheta Interviews Stephen Batchelor":



17 Jan 18, 17:42
And for anyone interested, Noah Rasheta's own website http://secularbuddhism.com takes you to this talk as well as many other podcasts that folks might find useful.


19 Jan 18, 11:24
At the root, then, of this secular approach is that it has discarded the polemic of truth and replaced it with the vision of pragmatism. In other words, what matters is that we’re not trying to persuade ourselves or others that this or that idea is true. We’re only actually interested in whether or not it works. That’s the key insight of William James and others in the pragmatic tradition.

...But having said all of this, I do think we also need to leave enough space to have a critical engagement with religious traditions, in my own case a critical relationship to the Buddhist traditions that have emerged historically. I don’t think we could just say, ‘Well, this works for you. That’s fine. This works for you, that’s fine.’ There’s a danger there...

This is a contradiction, it seems to me; Batchelor wants to have his cake & eat it, too.