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12 Mar 11, 02:46
I'm Maria and I have been studying Buddhism for some time now. I attend a Tibetan temple when I can, and read bits and pieces from many different texts that I have collected over the years. I have found that by practicing the disciplines, even to a small extent, I greatly improve my interactions with other people, and things turn out better.

12 Mar 11, 02:49
That is great MarĂ­a,

Thanks for shearing and be welcome to the forum!


12 Mar 11, 03:06
Hi Maria, welcome to BWB !

12 Mar 11, 13:44
Hello Maria, welcome.

12 Mar 11, 15:11
Hello. What is the Tibetan tradition you are now connected with?

12 Mar 11, 15:28
Welcome to BWB Maria.

13 Mar 11, 02:24
I attend a Buddhist temple associated with the Dalai Lama. It is very pretty and brings me great serenity, which is of course totally self-serving.


13 Mar 11, 06:51
I attend a Buddhist temple associated with the Dalai Lama.

Gelugpa ?

15 Mar 11, 00:28
I think you know more than I do, but I believe its Mahayana. I could be entirely wrong. I focus more on concepts of "right" thinking/action then names, dates, and so on. And, of course I should focus on the other as well.