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20 Sep 17, 17:18
Hi all,
I havent been on this forum for months (Unfortunately!)I had trouble logging in.So...Ive just been sent a temporary password which allowed me to log in!:up2:However its one of those jumbled letters and numbers one,which I wont remember!In the email which contained the temp p/word,there is a link which suggests I can change my password.I've used this before which then locked me out of the forum for months.Do I use this link now or???Any help really appreciated and I am so happy to be back! :) TIA

20 Sep 17, 19:21
I'm really sorry to hear about the problems with logging in.

I have sent you an email suggesting what can be done, and we should have you back, up and running, before long.

If any other users experience difficulty with logging in, or changing their password, please let me know.

You would need to give your user name, and you can use the 'Contact Us' message space found at the bottom of every page.

23 Sep 17, 12:22
Hi Woodscooter,
Thankyou for the email which I received during the week.Unfortunately my laptop went down,and I've only just got it back.I have obviously managed to log back into the forum.However......can I please change my user name?If so,how would I do this?TIA

23 Sep 17, 15:17
Very good to hear from you again.

Sorry that you had troubles with the laptop. I'll contact you by PM and email to continue the conversation.

23 Sep 17, 15:58
Oh, the email bounced back to me as "undeliverable".

But you still have a PM from me to read. The wording's identical to the email I couldn't send.


23 Sep 17, 20:47
Oh thats odd Woodscooter?I wonder why that happened?Thanks for the pm,have replied to it :)

27 Sep 17, 04:46
This password problem is getting old ...
The forum keeps locking me out, automatically changing my password, so that I have to reset it almost every time I come here.

27 Sep 17, 06:42
This password problem is getting old .

Unfortunately sometimes there are glitches with the server, and that's not something that we are able to control.

I am not wealthy like some of the owners of other websites, so if people want a more expensive option for BWB, donations are very welcome for its upkeep.


27 Sep 17, 11:27
Unfortunately sometimes there are glitches with the server, and that's not something that we are able to control.
As long as it is just server problems -- that's understandable.

Thank you for your efforts.