View Full Version : A fix for low energy

26 Aug 17, 19:06
I've tried it all.

Drink half a cup of coffee, still feeling very flat,

ate some pieces of dark chocolate, sat down and briefly fell asleep.

Woke up and felt like going to sleep some more.

I've tried a couple of Acai capsules in the past, and Vital Reds, a fruit extract said to bring energy, no effect.

Before going back to sleep I thought, well now I have the time I really should correct a couple of things I've written, one on BWB and one is a review of a Baptist Church I used to attend, basically to do a little bit of good.

That was ten minutes ago. Within seconds I suddenly had all the zip I could possibly want.

Do Good, Feel Good.

26 Aug 17, 19:50
When I'm at work I have a lot of zip, I have plenty of energy without coffee or dark chocolate, and if I do take either I tend to get a racing heart feeling.

And at work I make it my job to help people to be happy.

Now I'm puzzled as to whether I really should look forward to going to work rather than seeing it as an interruption in what I'm doing, which is a help to myself and to my son.

I guess it is all about balance really. If I spent half as long at work I would totally enjoy it.