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27 Jun 17, 20:19
is being perfectly still important to meditation? i have TD tardive dyskinisia (spelling probably wrong) its a side effect of the anti psychotics i have been on for years at a very high dose. i notice even when trying to meditate i still twitch. it can be distracting but most of the time i am fine.

27 Jun 17, 22:25
Meditation is essentially about the mind therefore you should not be concerned so much about neurological issues with the body.

What is important is the mind is relaxed (has composure), is fluid (flexible) & at ease.

Therefore, if TD occurs, the meditative mind accepts it and does not judge it.

The meditation teachings in the scriptures explain the purpose of Buddhist meditation is for the mind to give up &/or be free from covetousness (greed) & distress (worry).

Buddhism states the physical body, including neurology, will inevitably have injury or sickness therefore the meditator aims to make the mind at ease if/when the physical body has injury or sickness.

Regards :peace:

28 Jun 17, 10:53
Meditation is a state of mind, not a state of body. Being still helps keep the mind focused, but this is not a necessity. For example: mindfulness is also a form of meditation. And while being mindful, one can carry on daily tasks: driving, working, cooking, walking, exercising...

You may try walking meditation, and mindfulness during the day. This will calm down your mind a lot. Eventually, the calmness of the mind will start reflecting in your movements, resulting in smooth, controlled, peaceful movement.

...the purpose of Buddhist meditation is for the mind to give up &/or be free from covetousness (greed) & distress (worry).

No! The purpose of the meditation is to calm down the mind. With calm mind, the person is able to see the futility of emotions, anger, greed, worry. That leads to cessation of greed, worry, etc. Cessation of greed, anger, fear is a result of the process of stilling the mind, not the process itself.