View Full Version : is the calm after meditating normal?

27 Jun 17, 16:49
i feel this kind of calmness sweep over me after meditating and i sometimes afterwards feel like my brain is refreshed like someone hit the control alt delete buttons in my brain and it restarts it.

27 Jun 17, 17:22
Yes, this is normal and to quote from lesson one: 'Posture and Focus' in the little meditation book "Finding the Missing Peace" which I recommended to you yesterday:

By looking and seeing, over and over again,one finds the qualities of peace and clarity within the heart that underlie everything, that are always present. By seeing this over and over again, faith in that reality arises on its own. By seeing for oneself that whenever the mind is not caught up in wondering about the future or ruminating about the past (planning a shopping trip, reworking plans for the next holiday or remembering the last one, etc.), when one pays attention to the moment and relaxes and sees clearly, there is peacefulness, purity, wakefulness, and a kind of bright, radiant quality to the heart.

With the evidence of one’s own experience slowly seeping through, finally one begins to see and trust that underneath all this there is a pure, radiant, peaceful quality.



27 Jun 17, 17:26
thank you, i found a couple of books from the library about Buddhism i still have to pick up. one is about meditating. but i don't remember what it was called. thank you for answering the questions of a noob.

27 Jun 17, 17:39
thank you for answering the questions of a noob.

No problem ;)

29 Jun 17, 02:48
Feeling calm is a sign of an effective meditation. And sweeping calmness means you had a deep meditation. I have noticed that those moments of calm are really beautiful. It makes one immune to all the chaos and environmental stimuli. It is this calmness that later on leads to insights about the mind and the world around us.